Our Houses

Recovery is not a destination, it's an every-day fight. The good news: it's a fight you can win! We'll help you stay committed to recovery by providing you with a strong support team, a peaceful and positive environment, and access to community programs, volunteer work, and support meetings.

Our Goal

The Warrior's Path mission is to provide support for those managing their own recovery. Residents are responsible for maintaining their sobriety and following strict house rules and guidelines. Every resident stays active through work and community service. We strongly believe:

Recovery is better together.

Warrior's Path residents are committed to community improvement. Every resident is encouraged to dedicate at least five hours of community service per week to make life better for the neighborhood, the city, the state, and the country. We are supported by our community, and we support each other as well. Join our team!


Supporting Safe & Successful Recovery

Warrior's Path