Warrior’s Path is a transitional residence, helping adults in recovery find jobs, maintain their sobriety, and form coping skills for a successful re-entry to society. House residents are all in active recovery, and they are all held to high standards regarding activities, behavior, and integration. Warrior’s Path House System is a family of Sober Houses located in Attleboro, MA. The rules at Warrior’s Path are designed to accomplish two goals: Safety and Sobriety. Personal growth and success are our aims. We will support our residents in these directions, and provide a safe environment for the transition from addiction to recovery. The Warrior’s Path schedule includes 12 Step Meetings, Safety Training, Narcan and CPR courses, Relapse Prevention, House Meetings, and toxicology screens at a random schedule each week to ensure validity.

These house rules effectively promote safety and sobriety.
Every resident is required to get a AA or NA sponsor.

   We'll help you get a sponsor!
Every resident is required to have health insurance.

   We'll help you apply for health insurance! 
● Every resident must attend 4+ AA or NA meetings per week
● Every resident must attend weekly house community meetings
● No violence, aggressive behavior, or intimidation allowed
● All residents subject to up to seven weekly drug tests
● Residents must act with respect toward one another
● ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on alcohol and drug use
● Curfew 11:00PM (Sun-Thu) and 12:00AM Friday & Saturday


   ONE-STRIKE RULE in effect regarding the house rules

   For the full list of House Rules, please contact us

Jeffrey Rosenspan

The house rules are established and

upheld for the safety and success of each

member and the commitment to sobriety.

No member is above the house rules.

Continued residence is only allowed if

rules are followed.

For individuals in recovery, we provide the

opportunity to adjust and transition to clean

living, working, and attending AA and NA

meetings while living in a substance-free and

sober environment surrounded by supportive

people in recovery.

Warrior's Path

Sober House